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Latest Works:

Aleister Crowley in America

AC in America book cover

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Deconstructing Gurdjieff


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Occult Paris

OCCULT PARIS book cover

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Gnostic Sex

Gnostic Sex cover

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Jerusalem cover

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The Beast In Berlin

Beast In Berlin cover

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The Babylon Gene

Babylon Gene cover

"Ancient conspiracies, freemasonry, jihadists and the CIA are all mixed together in this fast-paced action thriller. What if the first weapon of mass destruction was created more than 1,000 years ago? - a secret passed down through generations. What if America discovered the secret and wanted the knowledge at any cost? A complex plot brimming with expert knowledge of everything from Freemasonry to genetics, Christian mythology to military tactics and well worth putting the time aside to get properly immersed."

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Earlier Works:

The Gnostics

The book that began it all...

Gnostic Philosophy

"Tobias Churton is the perfect candidate to explore Gnosticism with an insightful gaze and a solid grip on history. In 1987 he was involved in the acclaimed British Channel Four series The Gnostics and wrote the companion volume. Many of us interested in Gnosticism were first exposed to the Gnostic tradition through these early works.

Churton breaks out of the Christian ghetto mentality and explores Gnosticism as a wider phenomenon meandering through history. His depth of coverage is impressive, from early Vedic and Zoroastrian traditions through Judaism, Christianity and medieval sects, to modern neo-Gnostics, including the infamous Aleister Crowley. He offers an excellent summary of various Gnostic streams, with lucid commentary and lots of quotes from primary sources.Churton shows his background in Freemasonic history with a superb exploration of the Gnostic elements in Hermeticism and Freemasonry. Churton sees Gnosticism as a playful exploration of the spiritual verities, a praxis (i.e. practical spirituality) based on a direct perception of the spiritual world (gnosis = to know), rather than as a purely speculative form and this is the key to understand his work."

Churton separates the wheat from the chaff and disposes of unnecessary speculations and fantasy. To get a good handle on what Gnosticism is really all about (and isn’t), a great place to start is with Gnostic Philosophy by Tobias Churton."

Robert Burns, NEW DAWN magazine

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The Missing Family Of Jesus


"Offering up equal parts controversy and thrills, theological scholar Tobias Churton rips apart the mythology surrounding the family of Jesus to reveal a stunning truth. Using a broad range of sources such as the early Gospels and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Churton lays out his case that St. James the Just was in fact Jesus’s brother. Not just a dry reading of the Biblical texts, this journey stretches across continents and reads like a pure thriller as it challenges many assertions made by the Catholic Church."

Susan M. Anderson County Main Library, USA:

"I didn’t have to be a scholar to follow Churton’s easy-to-read narrative. He cites apocryphal, historical, and biblical sources and examines the recent fictionalized views of Jesus’s family made so popular recently in books and movies. He says he hopes that the reader, believer or non-believer, will not feel threatened, but will take his findings as a stimulus to further thought and study. My thoughts were really stimulated.

Churton believes that the split of Judaic monotheism into three distinct religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, could not have happened if Jesus’s family had not been rejected and ultimately driven away. Also, if Paul had submitted to James, the first bishop of Jerusalem, and not pursued a doctrine at odds with him, giving ammunition to the anti-Jewish direction of the faith after the Jewish Revolt, today’s religious conflicts in both the East and West would not have been carried forward to continue to tear apart regions and families in the 21st century."

The Mysteries Of John The Baptist

"In The Mysteries of John the Baptist, Tobias Churton has produced a remarkably fresh analysis of the ‘herald of the Messiah.’ The great value of this book is that Churton provides not only a careful overview of the role of John, as handed down in Christian tradition, but gives us a unique and erudite reanalysis of the role of the Baptist using the lenses of Gnosticism, Freemasonry, and other esoteric traditions that have elevated John to a position equal to or superior to Jesus. This book is a truly invaluable addition to scholarly literature on John the Baptist."

The Rev. Jeffrey J. Bütz, S.T.M., instructor of religious studies at Penn State University and author of The Secret Legacy of Jesus

The Golden Builders

"Churton’s history and analysis of the Rosicrucian age is the finest yet to appear in print and is a major contribution to a comprehension of the subject: from his harbour all subsequent voyagers must set sail.

The book ends by focusing upon Elias Ashmole, who knew “the true Matter of the Philosopher’s Stone”, and moves through a detailed investigation of his milieu, illuminating his commitment to Hermetic philosophy and Freemasonry drawing together much recent work which revises our view of pre-Grand Lodge speculative Freemasonry. I urge readers not to hesitate: buy it, read it."


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Kiss of Death

The publication of The Gospel of Judas in 2006 was a media sensation which generated terrific interest. Now, for the first time, the story of its hidden history and publication is told in full. Beginning with the discovery of the Gospel in Egypt 30 years ago, and examining its subsequent movements from one antiquities dealer to another we discover how this precious document eventually finds a home in a New York City safety deposit box, before finally being published to a huge public fanfare. Reading like a well-paced thriller, this fascinating work of scholarship looks at the ways in which Judas has been maligned and misrepresented across the centuries, and in doing so also helps shed new light on the origins of Christianity.

The Invisibles

Hard cover, Lewis Masonic edition (UK)         Soft cover, Inner Traditions edition (US)

"If you have read any of Tobias Churton’s works before, like The Gnostics or Freemasonry – the Reality, you will know he has a habit of setting himself difficult topics to cover, and then making them accessible through good scholarship and a sharp lucid explanatory style. With Invisibles he remains true to form, providing a comprehensive overview of the history and development of Rosicrucianism, one of the most significant strands of the spiritual tapestry created through the development of Western society in recent centuries. As with his other books, Churton utilises his habit of digressing down fascinating avenues of information, only to bring them back in front of the reader to illustrate the points he was making from a completely different angle! He also provides the information in a manner which allows the reader to form their own conclusions, a rare and useful quality in a work such as this.

Churton has produced a book which should be read over a period of time, as every chapter is full of ideas which need time to be fully explored and take seed like a strong tree. Like a fine wine, it has the benefit of maturity, and is best enjoyed through sips and not gulps! The European essence of Rosicrucianism is explored through its luminaries, of whom there are many. For me perhaps the best quality of this significant tome is that it manages to bring out the spiritual essence which pervades the history of Rosicrucianism, a major feat for which Churton is to be congratulated. This book is an excellent and worthy study which deserves to be read by anyone with the slightest interest in spirituality, history or indeed the road of the Philosopher’s Stone to personal transformation."


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Freemasonry - The Reality

Paperback edition

"The Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC) was pleased to receive an approach from the Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) to explore the role and relevance of Freemasonry in society today and in the future.

In our preliminary research we consulted some modern texts on Freemasonry as well as online resources to help us identify the central themes of the research. One thing that immediately became apparent was that the notion of Freemasonry as a ‘secret society’ was clearly inappropriate. In Tobias Churton’s Freemasonry: The Reality, we found more or less all one needed to know about the central tenets of the movement and the rituals associated with it. We were also struck by his conclusion that: “Freemasonry cannot forever be associated with the secret society syndrome. It is not a secret society, though when persecuted it has been sensible to be discreet. But a healthy society will promote greater openness and understanding for all. It is not good for Freemasonry to hide itself; it has no more trade secrets to defend.”

Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC)

"Brethren, all Masonic students and scholars will benefit from reading this book because the author writes in response to current Masonic trends, challenges, research/findings, and ideas of today. For example, in Chapter Nine: The Scottish Evidence, the author comments in response to David Stevenson’s The Origins of Freemasonry-Scotland’s Century 1590-1710, by writing; “I should think we shall arrive at a better 'result' if we keep our terms to the study of ‘Freemasonry’, not ‘Scottish Freemasonry’, or ‘English Freemasonry’, for that matter. We can speak of ‘stonemasonry in Scotland’ and ‘Freemasonry in England’ or Freemasonry in other countries, towns, cities.” Further, Tobias Churton writes: “One thing at least is clear to all serious scholars of the craft. ‘Freemasonry’ does not have a single point of origin - and certainly not a single national origin.” Brethren, this book is a good historical study and reference tool on our beloved Craft. Highly recommended."

Noble Sir (Amazon Reviewer)

Aleister Crowley - The Biography

Revised soft cover edition 2012

"In Tobias Churton, Crowley has at last found a worthy biographer. The reader will put down this book with an entirely new perspective on Aleister Crowley."

Dr Christopher McIntosh, author of The Rosicrucians

"Churton writes with a hubristic verve."

Phil Baker, Times Literary Supplement

"From the outset, Churton does a first rate job of guiding the reader in and out of ‘the legend’ into a rewarding appreciation of this extraordinary individual. The updated research revealed is remarkable but Churton’s greatest strength is in giving context and translating the ideas, mindset and zeitgeist of a man who precisely tested the limits of his own radically changing times. In addition to conveying the extremes and paradoxes of his subject's thoughts and practices, the author surrounds his own arguments with an objectifying showcase of insights from contemporaries and inheritors of his legacy. An absolutely rewarding work, highly recommended."

JL Epstein (Amazon Reviewer)

"What an amazing book! Tobias Churton has certainly excelled here with a balanced and non-judgmental book. His research is second to none and his style is highly engaging. This must be his best book, I could hardly put it down much to the consternation of those about me. Crowley is obviously one of the great spiritual lights of the age and we would all do well from finding the true man. Elatedly yours


The Magus of Freemasonry

"Reads like an adventure novel. Ashmole was one of the leading intellectual and spiritual lights of the time, an accomplished alchemist, and close friend of the most brilliant men in England. Churton has given us a compelling picture of Ashmole’s life, the city in which he lived, and the guild structure of the time."

Brent Morris, Editor: SCOTTISH RITE JOURNAL OF FREEMASONRY, Southern Jurisdiction, USA

The book is written from a deep understanding of the Hermetic, alchemical, masonic and Rosicrucian traditions that are so important for a full understanding of Ashmole, who emerges as a seminal figure in many different areas. His alchemical magnum opus, the Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, “would become Isaac Newton’s most heavily consulted alchemical text when he came to search for the single divine principle through a thorough working of alchemical experiments”. Churton also throws much light on Ashmole’s important role in the history of Freemasonry – he was one of the earliest recorded initiates into a lodge in a non-operative capacity (at Warrington, Lancashire in 1646). Then of course there is the achievement for which he is probably best known, namely his creation of the Ashmolean Museum, which was partly inspired, as Churton argues, by the notion of a repository of universal knowledge as described in the Rosicrucian writings and in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis. As the inscription on Ashmole’s tomb in St. Mary’s church, Lambeth, says “so long as the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford endures he will never die”. With these words Tobias Churton concludes this valuable and thought-provoking study of Ashmole’s life."

Dr Christopher McIntosh from esoterica website run by Arthur Versluis

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The Fear of Vision

Selected poems published by The Lichfield Press in 1996 in a now very rare limited edition. ORIGINAL REVIEW by artist VANILLA BEER:


Novel MIRAVAL - A Quest (1989) published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson

The Nightmare Paintings
Nightmare Paintings cover

Including essays by William Breeze, Robert Buratti, Marco Pasi, Giuseppe Di Liberti, Stephen J.King, Tobias Churton (Making an Exhibition of Himself: Aleister Crowley in Berlin 1930-32’ Catalogue of Robert Buratti’s trans-Australian Exhibition 2012-13

Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism
AC and Western Esotericism

Edited by Henrik Bogdan. Published by Oxford University Press, 2012. Contributors include Henrik Bogdan, Martin P. Starr, Wouter Hanegraaff, Alex Owen, Marco Pasi, Richard Kaczynski, Gordan Djurdjevic, TOBIAS CHURTON (Aleister Crowley and the Yezidis), Matthew D. Rogers, R. A. Gilbert, Massimo Introvigne, Ronald Hutton, Keith Richmond, Hugh Urban and Asbjørn Dyrendal.