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"Ancient conspiracies, freemasonry, jihadists and the CIA are all mixed together in this fast-paced action thriller. What if the first weapon of mass destruction was created more than 1,000 years ago? - a secret passed down through generations. What if America discovered the secret and wanted the knowledge at any cost? A complex plot brimming with expert knowledge of everything from Freemasonry to genetics, Christian mythology to military tactics and well worth putting the time aside to get properly immersed."

EUROCRIME, Terry Halligan:

"I found the very suspenseful plot very gripping and although the book was quite lengthy I was thoroughly engrossed until the final page. This first novel by this very talented new author is a quite breathless thriller that is a real page-turner and it was very interesting to have a lead character in a spy thriller who is not a carbon copy of James Bond but a man of some intellectual capacity. I look forward to reading more novels about Dr Toby Ashe by Alex Churton. Extremely well recommended."

THE STAR (South Africa), Jenny de Klerk:

"Here’s a tale that spans continents and eons, delving into history and evolution, while also racing along interweaving spirals of modern warfare and intelligence.

At first you’re not sure where you are going, but persevere, it all makes sense in the end.

The author has done his research and offers a thought-provoking and thorough view of recent history, from the turmoil in Turkey, to on-the-edge encounters in the brutal war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Mossad has a role, as does the CIA.

Inexorably the different threads come together and, as information is shared, discoveries lead to a devastating modern weapon that has its roots in the genes of a remote, isolated clan – the fathers of mankind.

The passages about the beliefs and customs of the Yezidi are almost lyrical. Here are myths and legends, touches of esoteric religion bound into an engrossing and wide-spanning thriller.

Principally the story follows Toby Ashe, British scholar and intelligence officer, but there are many other notable figures on all sides. As the clues mount up and start to make sense, it becomes increasingly difficult to put the book down. You have to see where it leads and to what...

A notable achievement, The Babylon Gene is detailed, multi-layered and often deals with strange, esoteric and unfamiliar concepts.

There is also humour, plenty of guns and thunder action and even a touch of romance. You will be intrigued, curious and, undoubtedly, enriched."


"I love a thriller that not only takes me on a ride but delivers all the things that make reading them a special experience. You’ve got some shocks, some great twists, gripping danger and when added to a spartan writing style that allows you to get to the meat of the tale, all adds up to a cracking debut for this new author.

Add to this a lead character who takes knocks that require recovery time, that brings a solid investigating style to the mix as well as having a number of facets that allow the reader to get to not only know him but also like him. All in all, a great debut book."