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On Monday 19 February 2018 at 6pm, the ATLANTIS BOOKSHOP, Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London, will be hosting a launch celebration of Tobias Churton’s ALEISTER CROWLEY IN AMERICA. Those wishing to attend in amity should contact Geraldine and Bali Beskin:

Telephone: 020 7405 2120

AC in America book cover

Click here for the Inner Traditions Fall-Winter 2017 catalogue entry on:

A.C. in AMERICA to be published 5 December 2017



The Magic, Myth, and Music of the Decade that Changed the World

Click here for a synopsis of The Spiritual Meaning of the 1960s.


Tobias is currently researching his next book, ALEISTER CROWLEY IN INDIA, to be published by Inner Traditions in 2019. This promises to be a thorough unpicking of the many complexities involved in Crowley’s profound engagement with Indian thought and spirituality, Hindu and Buddhist, and will endeavor to demonstrate how Crowley’s knowledge of the often conflicting, often harmonious spirituality and philosophies of India, came to play such a central role in his understanding of “Magick” – clearly this is an essential work of philosophy, as well as of history when an Englishman came to learn from a culture on the verge of national renaissance. As usual, we may expect clarity and insight where in the past there has been confusion, myth and obfuscation.

A great deal of creative development is currently swirling about Tobias Churton’s work, as more people find themselves drawn to its significance and value. Those in search of the Real Thing will find their way.

Everyone who has enjoyed Tobias’s lectures, TV, radio, and many podcast appearances and talks in the past, or who wish they had an opportunity to hear him in person, may wish to lookout for public lecture announcements organized by the world-famous ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM, Beaumont Street, OXFORD. On 8 November 2017 Tobias gave a Lecture at the ASHMOLEAN on Elias Ashmole’s attempted rehabilitation of the reputation of Elizabethan Magus, John Dee. Tobias’s talk went down exceptionally well with its eager audience, and organizer Jude Barrett informed Tobias that a return lecture on the foundation of Elias Ashmole’s original museum would be a most welcome addition to 2018’s lecture programme..


Tobias Churton’s brilliant biography of visionary artist WILLIAM BLAKE, published by Watkins Publishing in April 2015, continues to gain new readers and fans. Designed to be the definitive Blake biography, Churton includes the very latest research into Blake’s origins and esoteric philosophies, bringing Blake’s extraordinary lifetime into full historical perspective, including previously unpublished authentic, contemporary sources that shed a wholly new light on the true nature of Blake’s opposition.

The book’s success has led to invitations for Churton to speak to the Blake Society at Waterstones, St James’s, London, to Rachel Searle’s Big Blake Project at Felpham church, West Sussex, (close to Blake’s cottage where he wrote “Jerusalem”), to the Petworth Literary Festival, the Atlantis Bookshop, Bloomsbury, Watkins Bookshop, Cecil Court, to the Woolger Institute, and to Sky Arts.


Babylon Gene cover

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Published in the UK and the US by Head of Zeus, under his middle name (‘Alex Churton’), Tobias Churton’s exciting thriller, THE BABYLON GENE (2012), featuring British Government agent, TOBY ASHE, has been published in 2014

- in Turkish by Epsilon as KANA YAZILAN SIR – BABIL’IN GENI

- in Italian by Newton Compton Editori as LA MAPPA SEGRETA DELLA MASSONERIA

- and in Dutch by Boekerij as BABYLON.

A Spanish translation is on its way in 2016.

Bruce Burgess

In November 2013 Tobias Churton appeared as an expert on the philosophy of Alchemy when the UK’s YESTERDAY TV channel broadcast Bruce Burgess’s popular series, FORBIDDEN HISTORIES. The Secrets of the Alchemists was one of six one-hour documentaries produced and directed by Bruce Burgess and presented by Jamie Theakston.

Bruce Burgess

Tobias has recently been extensively interviewed for a prestigious quality documentary series for Norwegian Television based on the research of Petter Amundsen into alleged esoteric codes in the First Folio of Shakespeare. The series has proved very popular in Norway and deserves widespread broadcast.

Independent Producer-Director Jérôme de Missolz (noted for his WILD THING French TV series on rock n roll history, and for his documentary on Sufi musician Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) included exciting filmed interviews with Tobias Churton in his daring ARTE TV series on the fascinating historical links between psychostimulants and artists.

Jerome de Missolz

Acclaimed filmmaker Jérôme de Missolz brought his crew over from Paris to capture Churton’s authoritative contribution to the series, fielding a wide range of searching questions on the use of psychostimulants by romantic poets from the 18th century through to Aleister Crowley and the psychedelic pop scene of the 1960s.

The two part series was shown across Europe on ARTE on 7 January 2015 at 9.30pm.

Jerome de Missolz

Bruce Burgess

Mindful of the success of his and John Myatt’s musical about Nancy Cunard – YOU ME AND YESTERDAY – performed to a capacity audience at the Lichfield Garrick Theatre in Spring 2011, Tobias has completed orchestrating his 1984 piano score on the life of William Blake (1757-1827). Tobias began work on a musical Blake project as long ago as 1982 when living in Rodenhausen, Germany. He has recently completed a major FEATURE FILM SCRIPT on the life of William Blake, as seen in Blake’s inner eye: a visionary masterpiece for a broad, family audience. Tobias is seeking backing to turn his complete shooting script and magical music into what ought to become a cinema classic, complementing his fabulous, new William Blake biography. Composers John Myatt and Tobias Churton receiving plaudits at last night of You Me and Yesterday, Lichfield Garrick, March 2011.

Composers John Myatt and Tobias Churton receiving plaudits at last night of You Me and Yesterday, Lichfield Garrick, March 2011.


Youtube now has a large selection of radio and filmed interviews with Tobias Churton on subjects such as Aleister Crowley The Beast in Berlin (published in July 2014) and Jerusalem! The Real Life of William Blake published in April 2015. In the US, Tobias has been interviewed about Crowley the artist by Rose Fox at the Publishers Weekly podcast site, by Dr Rita Louise at Energy Radio and with Frater Puck at THELEMA NOW, as well as interviews for Fade to Black, Legalize Freedom (Greg Moffatt), Jason Louv at Ultraculture, Rense Radio Network, Inception Radio Network, and John Gibbons at Alchemy Radio. With four major new books out 2016-2018 even more listeners will find themselves drawn to the Churton flame of energy and inspiration.